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The SuccessTV team is made up of some incredible people from around the entire country. When you arrive at our studios you’ll instantly see a level of professionalism that you’ve probably never witnessed before in the filming industry. With over 40 years of combined experience producing engaging infomercials and talk shows our team works around the clock to make sure each show is a massive success. We’ve got many people playing different roles in the finished product we produce so please take a second to get to know each one of them below.

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Anthony Morrison
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Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur
Anthony Morrison
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    - Creative Director - Anthony morrison

    Anthony Morrison has worked on some of the most successful infomercials in the last decade. His creative direction is responsible for over 1 Million Direct Response sales and multiple massively successful shows. He will work with you to make sure your messaging is spot on so you get the results you need from your time on television.

    - Producer - John Dunn

    John has been in the production industry for over twenty years. He's worked on some of the most successful infomercials in the past 20 years using his creative direction and editing to make winning shows. John is our in house producer and editor so his job is to make sure the final product that leaves our SuccessTV studios is nothing short of amazing.

    - Studio Operator - Dalton

    Every studio needs a tech guy right? Dalton is the in house "techy" who knows how to use all the fancy equipment we've got in order to get the right shots at the right time. His role in each show we produce is to make sure we have the best quality production and final product possible.

    - Videographer - Chris

    Chris focuses on managing our tele-prompters and lighting. Our studio has 3 of the largest prompters available so our guests absolutely love them! Chris makes sure their messaging is on the screen at the right time!

    - Media Relations - Marty

    Marty bridges the gap between "Production" and actually being aired on television. He's got over 15 years of experience managing media which makes him a key component to the success of each show we produce. Marty makes sure to get airing schedules, media rates and performance indicators to us quickly so we can generate the best results possible.

    - Operations - Josh Siegal

    Josh handles all the operations of the SuccessTV studios. He's doing everything from making sure guests arrive on time to ensuring all of our equipment is working properly on filming day. His job is to make sure each production goes smoothly so we can focus on creating an amazing show!

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